House Rules

  1. We encourage respect: for the people, the space and the community

  2. We encourage curiosity, contribution and kindness

  3. Breakages and damage are your responsibility

  4. Your personal studio is your responsibility to keep clean (we can provide a cleaner at an extra cost)

  5. Please maintain a clean and tidy environment in the shared social spaces, for everyone to enjoy

  6. Unfortunately, we cannot allow any pets at Oppidan

  7. Obviously, smoking is not permitted anywhere indoors, including your apartment.

  8. A bicycle store is provided, please ensure your steed doesn’t stray

  9. Please pay your rent on time and in full

  10. There will be zero tolerance of abusive behaviour, racism, violence, homophobia and/or sexism

  11. We want to encourage community, so guests are always welcome, including overnight ones but only you live there so there’s a two night maximum. Some Oppidans have guest apartments available by the day for a small charge.

  12. The House Manager’s word is final!


Where are they?

Please see locations button above.


What is it?

Oppidans are cosy and small, private, high-spec, self-contained co-living buildings in prime city centre locations.


How much does it cost?

All inclusive rents start at £195 per week. There are no fees of any kind just a small deposit of one week’s rent.


What’s included?

A package of amenities worth more than £300 a month: Rent, council tax, heating and hot water, electricity, TV license, super-fast Wi-Fi, TV entertainment packages, twice weekly cleaning of the shared spaces, repairs and maintenance, service charge, basic food and beverage, living supplies, Ziferblat Clockwork coworking membership and regular free events. You also have a House Manager to deal with any problems and to organise social events.


Is Oppidan furnished?

Yes. The shared spaces have everything from smart TVs to teaspoons. The apartment have a bed, bedside tables, lamps, storage spaces, mirror, smart TV and lots of bedding. The shower rooms have bath robes and towels. The kitchens have a kettle, fridge, cups, plates, cutlery and glassware.


How is it managed?

Each Oppidan is run by a dedicated House Manager who is available to deal with any problems or questions you may have and to help out with any events you want to organise. He or she will also oversee cleaning, stocking the basic food items, interview new members and deal with repairs and maintenance. The House Manager will also deal with any disputes between Members and their word will be final.


What’s the shortest time I can live at Oppidan for?

One month. We know people move around or maybe just want to try us out for a bit, but it’s not a hotel. We want to build a community and welcome your contribution to it.


And the longest?

The Tenancy can be up to five years and you can always choose to leave at any time by giving at least a month’s notice in writing. All being well, you can renew at the end of the term but the rent could possibly go up. Rents won’t change more than once a year.


Is it for couples as well as singles?

Yes but apartments vary in size so some are better for single occupancy, it’s up to you.


What is the minimum age?

You have to have had your 21st birthday before you move in.


Is there a maximum age?



What about people with disabilities?

Oppidan Swan Street is the conversion of an old building and access from the street is via a staircase. There is no room to build a lift, unfortunately. Future buildings will be fully accessible wherever possible.


What is the joining process?

Fill in the enquiry form on the Join Us page and we will get back to you to advise you about availability. If we’re full you can opt to go on the waiting list. If we have an apartment available, we will invite you for a viewing and, if you want to proceed, an interview with the House Manager and the House Committee. After that, if every one is happy, we do the references and offer you an apartment having passed those.


Do I have to be working?

No, you just have to demonstrate that you can afford the rent.


Can I have a look round?

Yes, please fill in the 'Join Us' form on this website and we’ll invite you over. There’ll be a cup of tea in it for you as well.


Are Oppidan dwellers members or tenants?

Both! Dwellers are members of the Oppidan community. We ask you to sign an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement and to agree to the House Rules.


What is an Oppidan Community?

You are free to be as sociable or as private as you like and each Oppidan has a dedicated WhatsApp group to co-ordinate house activities and a House Manager who will organise a least one free event each fortnight. It could be a curry night, a trip to the cinema, yoga at Ziferblat, game nights, karaoke, Sunday brunch or whatever the House wants to do and Oppidan will pay for it. In addition, we encourage you to organise your own House events.


Can I move between Oppidans?

Yes. As more Oppidans open around the country you will be able to move between them at a day’s notice, ask your House Manager for details.


What happens if there's a dispute between tenants in my Oppidan?

Each Oppidan has a House Committee made up of three members and the House Manger which tries to resolve any disputes amicably but a tenant will be asked to leave if there are continued breaches of the House Rules and the House Manger's decision is final!